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The smartest way to get there

A dollar to start
Twenty-five cents per min
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The more people ride GOAT scooters, the safer our roads are. Goat scooters are created for commuters to get from here to over there. 


GOAT scooters are highly modular in design, with easy to replace parts and rechargeable batteries and showing rel-time battery life. 


Our team charges the batteries when they are low, which every scooter gets a proper check-up,

Who are we
This lever can make you go slower.
Remember when you bike had one of these?
This lever can make you faster
Primary brake
Stomp down on the rear to stop
Sweet Grips
Hold on to your scooter.

A Responsible Approach

We’ve been passionately working on last-mile transportation since scooter share has been a thing. In 2018, our founder wanted to help bring the first portable electric transportation company to use modern scooter share in Colorado Springs Colorado. The Boosted electric scooter set the standard for both an incredibly fun commute as well as durability over thousands of miles of use.

We believe in working together with transportation departments to the first permitted system of our kind in Colorado Springs. We solve problems by listening to and working with agencies, community groups, and riders. 


Ride Goat provides our community with dockless scooter-share to get you where you need to go. With Goat, you're free to ride.

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